Our Mission

“Play is the work of childhood” (Jean Piaget).

With thinking games specifically developed to enrich children’s critical and creative thinking skills, our goals are to help children strengthen their academic performance, enhance their curiosity and problem-solving capabilities, improve their social and relational interactions, and build authentic self-confidence and resiliency.

We Know Child Development & Learning Challenges That Can Impede Growth

With over 2 decades of experience working with children and adolescents, Dr. Yip has helped many patients overcome developmental challenges and reach milestones successfully. When developmental gaps occur and aren’t identified or addressed early on, they can interfere with a child’s confidence in themselves and their experience with the world. Working together, we tailor treatment to your child’s unique needs to ensure smooth, continuous growth cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally according to each child’s developmental stage.

We Specialize in Helping Children Build Resiliency and Develop an “I Can” Attitude

We provide developmentally appropriate opportunities where our Little Thinkers can create, explore, invent, discover, and relate in a meaningful way. We not only respect, but embrace our Little Thinkers’ unique developmental stages and differences. We help each child build confidence to tackle challenges with thinking games that target specific developmental gaps. Working with each child’s strengths to overcome specific needs, our Little Thinkers develop a belief in themselves to thrive intellectually and emotionally as they naturally progress from one developmental stage to the next.

We Prioritize Critical & Creative Thinking Outside the Box

Rather than presenting children with ready-made knowledge, our Little Thinkers develop divergent thinking skills to understand their world and problem-solve outside the box. Whereas rote memorization deprives critical and creative thinking, we provide experiential opportunities that foster higher-level thinking appropriate for each child’s developmental stage. This builds crucial thinking skills necessary for children to navigate their world with curiosity, confidence, independence, motivation, and self-awareness. 

We Believe Trial-and-Error Exploration Enhances Success

A primary developmental goal for children is the ability to make and be confident about decisions. Our Little Thinkers are encouraged to be active participants in each thinking game and to freely respond in their own unique way in a non-judgmental space. Only through trial-and-error exploration will a child build the foundation for truly understanding the how’s, what’s, and why’s behind a problem. We believe that what matters is not so much the end result of a task. Rather, the process of exploration, thinking, and understanding is key to cognitive growth and resiliency.