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Auditory Thinking

Watch An Auditory Thinking Game Demonstration HERE

Sensory information is constantly being processed from one’s internal body and from the external environment to form whole meaningful thought. Although all sensory interpretations are important to your child’s thought process, development of visual, auditory, and tactile experiences have the most direct influence on high level, abstract tasks. Children who have challenges processing and interpreting any of these three sensory inputs will have difficulties with just about any academic or social activity. Imagine the complex task of processing what you hear and see from a teacher demonstrating in front of a class and reproducing your interpretations onto the paper or laptop on your desk. Or the convoluted social task of receptive and expressive communications with peers. Difficulties understanding and translating the information received from sensory experiences will impact your child’s response and overall result.

Visual, Auditory, and Hand Thinking Games help children develop these sensory experiences through a series of sequential activities – from simple to complex – matched to your child’s developmental stage. This not only allows children the ability to think about their experiences and understand their environment; it also facilitates the more demanding task of manipulating such visual, auditory, and tactile information effortlessly, such as following directions to construct a geometric shape or playing an instrument from reading music notes.

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