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Tailored to your child’s unique developmental needs

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From infancy through adulthood, the ability to think is ever-evolving. The thinking activities offered by Little Thinkers Center are tailored to your child’s unique developmental needs. Our Mission is to empower children with the tools to reach their fullest potential and achieve cognitive growth academically, socially, and emotionally. Rather than focus solely on chronological age, we implement developmentally appropriate thinking games that foster smooth, continuous growth.

Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

We provide developmentally appropriate opportunities within an individualized environment where our Little Thinkers can create, explore, invent, examine, discover, and relate in a meaningful way. Emphasis is placed on the process of stimulating the child’s thinking and providing a safe, non-judgmental space to freely respond in one’s own unique way, rate, and ability.

The Process of Thinking is What Matters

Intellectual comprehension cannot be achieved through rote memorization of facts or sequences. To master higher-order thinking, our Little Thinkers are guided with experiential activities to exercise critical and conceptual thinking skills. What matters is not so much the end result of a task. Rather, the process of exploration, thinking, and understanding is key to cognitive growth and resiliency.

Enrich Areas of Underdevelopment

The most optimal method for children to overcome areas of underdevelopment and thrive intellectually and emotionally is to facilitate their natural progression from one cognitive developmental stage to the next. While respecting and embracing each Little Thinker’s unique developmental differences, we equip each child with the mental and emotional space needed to achieve readiness for higher-level experiences. This builds crucial thinking skills necessary for children to navigate their world productively and successfully.

Individually Tailored Approach

By offering individualized thinking games and exercises where each child is positively challenged to think outside the box, we create a personalized environment that is actively engaging and rewarding. Based on the developmental stage and cognitive strengths of our Little Thinkers, each thinking activity implemented is designed to foster self-confidence, curiosity, problem-solving capabilities, independence, motivation, self-awareness, social/relational skills, resiliency, and self-acceptance.

Freedom within Structure

A primary developmental goal for children is the ability to make and be confident about decisions. Our Little Thinkers are encouraged to be active participants in choosing the thinking activities and exercises within their current developmental stage. This cultivates independence, self-sufficiency, and the “I believe in me” attitude needed to overcome many of life’s obstacles.

Empower Your Child With The Tools To Reach Their Fullest Potential