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We offer various Enrichment Programs designed to bolster your child's cognitive development, interpersonal skills, and social-emotional growth.

Social Thinking Groups

In our digitally dominated era, social interactions often occur indirectly. Therefore, we curate an environment where children develop crucial social, emotional, and interpersonal skills. Our Social Thinking Groups of 4-6 children allow them to interact with peers, solve social dilemmas, and expand their social repertoire.

After School Enrichment Program

In groups of 10-12, children interact and socialize with peers while engaging in our Thinking Games. The blend of independent and collaborative work helps students to become confident problem solvers and critical thinkers. We offer after school programs across Los Angeles County, featuring an 8-to-10-week curriculum focusing on various developmental areas. Additionally, we provide classes in Spanish and Mandarin.

Little Thinkers Camp

Our seasonal Little Thinkers Camp provides an engaging experience for your child. Within a structured daily schedule, children participate in activities aimed at strengthening a myriad of skills, from reading and math to critical thinking and social-emotional learning. Each camp offers a unique blend of learning, fun, and personal growth. Stay tuned for future camp dates!