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We empower parents and educators by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to support cognitive and emotional development effectively.

Parent Coaching

Our Parent Coaching program recognizes the balance between supporting a child’s needs and nurturing their independence and critical thinking skills. We assist parents in navigating this delicate balance, helping them understand how their interactions with their child can influence the child’s self-perception and coping mechanisms. With our guidance, parents can aid their child’s journey towards resilience, confidence, and independent problem-solving.

Teacher Training Workshop

Our Teacher Training Workshops are designed to help educators understand and mitigate the impact of developmental challenges on a student’s learning, emotional experience, and social connections. By increasing awareness of triggers causing anxiety and inhibiting learning, we equip educators with effective tools to support their students.

The workshop aims to:

    1. Illuminate specific triggers causing learning-impacting anxiety and provide effective tools to help students overcome them.
    2. Equip educators with resources to foster students’ critical thinking, confidence, and an “I can do it” attitude.

By addressing learning and social challenges associated with anxiety, we provide educators with developmental thinking games that foster improved self-confidence and reduce anxiety in their students.