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Parent Coaching

When given the opportunity to sit with the discomfort of not knowing an answer, children learn to think outside the box, be independent thinkers, and believe in their own capabilities to face and resolve difficulties. In other words, they become resilient and confident in their abilities to handle life’s obstacles. When a parent isn’t able to tolerate their child’s anxieties and is quick to help, the implicit message conveyed to the child is a negative judgment of their capabilities. In turn, this may actually undermine the child’s instinctual motivation for self-discovery, and instead, increase reliance on others to fix their problems.

By taking into account the parent-child interactional pattern, our program helps parents navigate the fine boundaries of supporting their child’s needs while also allowing for enough freedom and independence to build critical thinking skills. Parents will gain insight into how they can effectively work with their child to lessen anxiety, improve confidence, and foster resiliency.

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