Teacher Training Workshop

Developmental challenges often interfere with a student’s learning, emotional experiences, behavioral responses, and social connections. This can result in stress and anxiety that further inhibits attentional focus and learning. In addition, students who struggle in school will frequently feel low self-confidence, have a poor self-image, and lack self-esteem, which deteriorate their learning potential even more. This becomes a vicious cycle of learning and/or social difficulties that trigger stress and anxiety, which then leads to lowered self-confidence that interferes with the belief in one’s ability needed for optimistic learning.

To break this vicious cycle in academic settings, two goals must be achieved:

  1. Educators are made aware of specific triggers to anxiety and given effective tools to help a student overcome them;
  2. Students are provided with developmentally appropriate, experiential thinking activities that reinforce an “ah-ha, I can do it” attitude.

Since achievements in these early years determine self-esteem and self-efficacy in future endeavors, it is crucial to acquire strategies to eliminate anxiety and foster success. This workshop addresses the learning and social challenges associated with anxiety, and provides specific developmental thinking games that result in an “I believe in me” attitude needed for improved self-confidence and lowered anxiety.

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