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Little Thinkers Center

A leading child learning center in Los Angeles specializing in the use of thinking activities that are tailored to enrich your child’s unique developmental path. Our goal is to empower children of ages 2 to 18 with the tools to reach their fullest potential and achieve cognitive growth academically, socially, and emotionally.

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What We Do

Developmental Evaluation

In order to establish an appropriate enrichment program unique to your child’s needs, we must first assess your child’s overall development. 

Cognitive Developmental Activities

Our comprehensive approach addresses a child wholly by utilizing each child’s strengths to overcome specific challenges in development.

After School Enrichment Program

Our after school enrichment program gives children the opportunity to improve their thinking skills while having fun.

Little Thinkers Camp

Our spring, summer, and winter 3-hour day camps place participants into groups of 4-6 and allows them to take a break from the normal school routine.

Social Thinking Group

Group activities expand a child’s social repertoire for handling interpersonal situations while nurturing healthy self-expressions.

Parent Coaching

Our parent coaching program helps you navigate the fine boundaries of encouraging your child’s curiosity and critical thinking skills while also providing the space for your child to solve problems independently.

Teacher Training Workshops

These workshops help teachers navigate the anxiety and social challenges experienced by many students today that disrupt attention, learning, and behaviors.

Thinking Empowers

From infancy through adulthood, the ability to think is ever-evolving. The thinking activities offered by Little Thinkers Center are tailored to your child’s unique developmental needs. Our Mission is to empower children with the tools to reach their fullest potential and achieve cognitive growth academically, socially, and emotionally. Rather than focus solely on chronological age, we implement developmentally appropriate thinking games that foster smooth, continuous growth. Influenced by the work of Jean Piaget and Harry Wachs, Little Thinkers Center integrates core strategies in child development to help children tackle obstacles successfully.

Reading - Dyslexia

How Can Developmental Activities Benefit Your Child?

Children can benefit from developmental activities as they learn to build critical thinking skills. This results in children gaining the ability to meet challenges academically, physically, socially, and emotionally as they are able to navigate an obstacle when it is presented. By increasing a child’s confidence, they start to build a strong self-image which empowers their “I can” attitude. Consequently, this perspective lessens children’s encounters with stress and anxiety that may impede learning.

Gain the Tools for Confidence & Resiliency

The good news is that there is effective help if your child is struggling with a developmental or learning challenge. Our hands-on approach tailors specific thinking games to help children overcome certain challenges and improve the quality of interactions with their environment. Confidence is gained from meaningful “ah-ha” experiences as the child explores thinking games that target a particular area of need, and gains awareness of the what, where, who, when, and how’s behind each task. This encourages a belief in their own ability to learn and mitigates the apprehension that often comes with developmental challenges. With stress and anxiety minimized, learning can take place as your child’s inherent desire to discover strengthens.

Achieving Long-Term Growth with Lasting Benefits

By engaging in our Thinking Games, your child will actively acquire and apply the skills gained. The benefits are life lasting as children will acquire conceptual learning and divergent thinking skills rather than rely on content learning and rote memorization.

What Parents Are Saying

My son’s life has changed drastically in the last 2 years. When he was 11, he was diagnosed as high functioning autism. For the longest time, nobody could figure out how to help him. Not the school. Not the pediatrician. Not the local psychologist or psychiatrist. We had so many diagnoses thrown at us as “potential” causes, yet didn’t get the help my son desperately needed. Since the school wasn’t going to help, we finally found a testing psychologist who did a comprehensive assessment and referred us to an OT, speech and language therapist, and Dr Yip. We drove 2 hours a day, several times a week to see Dr Yip, but it was all worth it. The tools my son learned have helped him thrive academically and emotionally. Each task was introduced as a game that my son would have to figure out. Each time he did, his world opened up and he was motivated to do more. He is now 180-degree improved, and a much happier teenager. I am both relieved and proud of his accomplishments, and am so grateful for having found Dr Yip’s center.

Mother of 11-Year-Old James

We are grateful for Dr Yip and her team for giving our daughter the skills to be an assertive, emotionally well-rounded girl. Our daughter has always been a shy child who had trouble socializing with others or asserting and speaking up for herself. Other kids often picked on her, which made her even more anxious and quiet. After participating in the social groups at Dr Yip’s center, our little girl learned to express herself in healthy assertive ways, which has ended the bullying from other kids. On top of that, she has learned to problem-solve for social conflicts, and has even helped another little boy at school. We cannot be more proud of how much she has grown and developed in the last year, and recommend Dr Yip’s center wholeheartedly.

Mother of 9-Year-Old Suzie

We are so pleased with Dr Yip’s work with our son. Her dedication, compassion, and expertise have been a breath of fresh air for our family. Our son has gained so much from the “thinking” exercises and has become a much more confident child in both school and sports. His reading and spelling have improved to above grade level and he has a much better grasp of math concepts. Dr Yip matches each task to our son’s developmental level that isn’t too easy where he would become bored or too hard where he would be overwhelmed. She encourages him and gives him the free space to understand the concepts behind each game. When a task becomes too difficult and our son begins to feel frustrated, she modifies it to a level he’s comfortable with and still feels challenged. She has given him methods to persevere in the face of difficult situations rather than resort to quitting. He no longer experiences school as stressful or anticipates soccer games with anxiety. We are so thankful that our son has gained such valuable life skills that will help him in so many ways.

Mother of 7-Year-Old Aiden

My daughter has always been a perfectionist and exceled at school. She knew her alphabets and was already counting by age 2. She could recall everything she learned or heard at school, and was especially talented in picking up other languages. She even tested as gifted and skipped 2nd grade. We just thought we had a precocious little princess. Then things started falling apart in middle school. She began having trouble with math and science, and even struggled with writing. Her confidence was shot. She didn’t want to go to school. We were at a lost. After being tested, we learned that she wasn’t only gifted, but also had learning disorders. To help her work through this, we began seeing Dr. Yip. After trying out the intensive program last summer, my daughter was able to return to school in the fall with significant improvements in math and science. Her confidence returned and she is enjoying school again. We still go to Dr. Yip’s center every week, so my daughter can continue to learn concepts and problem-solving skills from the advanced thinking games. I am so glad to see my daughter achieving happily alongside her peers, and can’t thank Dr. Yip enough for her expertise and patience with us.

Father of 13-Year-Old Emma

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